Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Myles Standish Marathon

Last Saturday Jeff ran in the second annual Myles Standish Marathon in Plymouth Mass.  It was a great day weather wise.  Patsy and I went with Laura and the kids to cheer him on.  Here are some pictures of the day.

Runners at a viewing area at mile four.  Confirming my photographer amateur status I watched Jeff run by without shooting any pictures.  

There was some down time waiting for the runners so the kids looked for treasure in the form of Pine Cones.

The kids made signs to encourage dad.

Jeff nears the mile ten mark and his own cheering section.

High fives as Jeff goes by at mile 16.

Looking forward to mile 17.

Watching all that running requires a break.

Runners approach mile 23.

This impartial observer was actually looking the wrong way.

Mile 23 only three miles to go!

After the finish,  a model show off Jeff's medal.

Discussing race strategy after the finish.

The Kids play after the race.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Great Global Warming!

 Sorry.... I know this looks like my last post but today is May 18th and this is what I saw as I stepped out the door to go to the paper box for the News Miner.
It snowed off and on yesterday but it melted as fast as it fell.  Not so last night.  I don't think I'll be planting flowers very soon. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

When Will Spring Arive?

Today is April 29th!  Most years all that is left of the snow is a couple of piles from the snow plow and some snow in the shade of the woods.  This year we had a normal amount of snow and a cold spring.  If you click on the picture and enlarge it you will see that it is snowing as well!  It's hard to believe that I will be planting the garden in a month.  (At least I hope I will be planting.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trip Spring 2013

back home a lot of the spring thaw would have taken place.  We did enjoy some great weather here in Oregon, but I think there was a net gain in snow level at home.   
Here are The kids with their La Cross gear.  Luke and I played some catch and I actually caught a few after a while.

 Here we were about to leave for the 
mount Saint Helen's area  Jason had to work so he missed out on the trip.

Here is Cate with Mount St Helen in the background.
 Here we are dyeing Easter Eggs.  Patsy is in charge of the spinning Dye tool.  Caleb is spinning an Egg and all the dye stayed inside the machine.  Good job Patsy!  Caleb too.
 Her own worst Critic!  Click on the picture to enlarge and see Patsy's egg.  (Also accent her facial expression.)

 Everybody gets to beautify an egg.
 Although Bear Can easily look over the table he prefers to kibitz from the floor.
 What looks better?  The Eggs or the fingers!
We then Flew To Las Vegas and we hiked across the bridge to see Hoover Dam.
 We drove through a Joshua tree forest.

 This Santa Fe Steam Engine had nearly 2.5 million miles on it going California to Chicago   I couldn't get over how big it was.  (Kingman Az)

Main Street Oatman Arizona.  The Donkeys are wild and don't charge you to take their picture.  But, they will take food if you have some to give them.

The most memorable drive was out of Oatman on Old US 66.  The road is in bad shape and you can only go about 20 in some places but it takes you through some very scenic mountain areas.

We then went to Phoenix and spent 5 days with Dad and Betty.  We ate Barbecue, watched basket ball, worked on a few projects and generally had a great time.  We got to spend some time with Aunt Ev there too and that was a bonus.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun with Ada and Karl

We went East to visit Karl, Ada and their parents.  We timed it right to miss the storm they are enjoying now.
 We arrived on the day Karl turned two and enjoyed eating Birthday cupcakes with him.
 Watching TV and enjoying snacks.
 We Celebrated Nana's Birthday with Chocolate Chip Applesauce Cake.
(Caution fewer  candles may appear than actually exist.)
 Ada Practices here stutter step dribble.

 She Shoots ... She Scores!

Drumlin Farm

 Ada and friends

 More Color for the picture.

 Interesting talk about an Owl.

Karl isn't quite big enough to be an ear.

Hay Ride.

We went to a U-Pick Orchard and Ada was a great apple picker.

Laura had family pictures taken while we were there.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crater Lake

While we were here in Oregon we thought we would go to Crater Lake.  We talked Cate, Luke and Caleb into going with us.  We had a really great time and here are some of the pictures to prove it.
 We entered the park through the North Gate and found the Lake about 8 miles down the road.

After we got our first look at the lake everyone was hungry so we stopped along the road to eat.  I was surprised that there were very few picnic areas so we found a flat rock (with a steep drop-off on the far side) and made sandwiches for lunch.  Patsy made sure everyone stayed away from the drop-off. 

The kids were surprised to see snow in August!  Fun!

The picture in the middle is a spire that has a fire watch tower at the top.  (See picture on the right.)  When we were at the top we took a picture of the parking lot where Patsy was waiting.  (Far Left)
In the center is a picture of the four of us at the top.  Best view in the park.

Oregon Dreams

 Would you believe there is Corn on the Cob here too?